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New York Times Obituary
Philip J. Hyde, 84, Conservation Photographer, Dies

Stephen Trimble's Salt Lake City Tribune Article
Philip Hyde Inspired a Generation of Wilderness Photographers

Los Angeles Times
Philip Hyde, 84; His Wilderness Photos Made a Case for Conservation Efforts

In the Field: Photo Blog by Richard Wong
Top 10 Most Influential Nature Photographers Of All-Time

San Francisco Chronicle
Philip Hyde - Leading Nature Photographer

North American Nature Pnotography Association Obituary by David Leland Hyde
NANPA Mourns Passing Of Philip Hyde

Scott Nichols Gallery
Gallery/Pages/Representing Philip Hyde

International League of Conservation Photographers
Philip Hyde Honorary Member

Benjamin Chinn Photographer 1921-2009
Philip Hyde's Classmate at CSFA

William Neill Photography
Friend and Colleague of Philip Hyde

Glenn Randall's Backpacker Magazine Article
Philip Hyde: Defending the Wilderness with a Camera

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